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Welcome to the LJ blog crew for the film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's beloved classic story “Where The Wild Things Are.”

Hi, I'm Max. I am the owner of this world, and this crew.

Blog crews are pretty simple. They are not RPGs, but rather just a fun way of expressing your love for a particular fandom and its characters by making a claim to a specific character. One claim is allowed per person.

Comment Here To Make A Claim
[And pick up your banner if you care to use the ones provided. This is however not mandatory. You can make your own banner if you'd prefer. [*Someone could even volunteer to make the crew better banners. Some characters we still need too, but I wasn't able to find decent pics just yet. One might have to wait until the DVD comes out for purposes of screenshots. Really what we have right now are just quick cropped out images of the movie posters that I was able to do online since I don't have access to an image program such as photoshop.] But really just so long as you have something somewhere acknowledging that you are a member of this crew. Oh and don't forget to join the community first. You must maintain membership in order to keep your claim.]
There's one in all of us. Which one are you? :)

Max: foreverharley
Alexander: joyyjpg
Claire: ainohimeliz

Unclaimed/Still Available:
The Bull
Bob and Terry
Max's Mother
The Boyfriend
The Teacher


*Note: It's my thought that I'm sure this community could be more than just a place for us members to make our claims. I'm definitely not opposed to people making other posts and stuff, so long as they keep on topic of WTWTA. So feel free. Just make sure you are a member with a claim [so everyone can identify you... and also to ensure you are here because you love the Wild Things. Any dissers or wank starters WILL get their brains cut out. By order of the King. Thank you, and let the wild rumpus start! :)]